Quiet Dehumidifier

If you live in a region prone to severe humidity, you may be in the market for a dehumidifier for your home. All dehumidifiers are not created equally, though, and you should carefully consider your needs, the unit’s features, and which will be the best fit for you and your space.

When weight their options, many prospective customers are focused on the size and portability of the dehumidifier, so that it fits discreetly into a compact space. Some are focused on the power, so that it can effectively dehumidify any sized room. Others are focused on eco-friendly options, so that the dehumidifier uses as little energy as possible. Still, most customers will ask about the noise produced by a dehumidifier. If you’ve ever tried to sleep with a fan on, watch television with the air conditioner blasting, or enjoy a nice conversation with a near-by dishwasher running, you know that the noise level of the appliances in your home can be distracting at best, unbearable at worst.

To control the amount of noise that your dehumidifier produces, consider units without a compressor or units with a lower moisture removal capacity. Units without compressors, however, are better suited for small spaces (like bathrooms and laundry rooms), so if you’re looking for something better for a larger room (like a bedroom or living room), check out the Frigidaire FAD504DWD Energy Star 50 Pint Dehumidifier. It’s quiet enough to forget it’s there, but powerful enough to do the job.

This dehumidifier will reduce the mildew- and mold- causing moisture in your room without being a disruption. It can pull up to 50 pints per day – much less than some of the 70 pint competitors, while still effectively eliminating excess moisture in the room. This decrease in power results in a direct decrease in noise, making it great for bedrooms and living rooms. In fact, the 70 pint version of this exact dehumidifier tested higher on a sound meter than the 50 pint model. In the case of dehumidifiers, less (power) is more (peace).

And that’s only if the dehumidifier is running. Use the effortless humidity controls to set the ideal humidity levels for your space, and the FAD504DWD will shut off once the desired levels are reached. You may hear the unit come on now and then to test the moisture levels in the room, but you can rest assured that it won’t be running when it doesn’t need to. It will even shut off when the water reservoir is full, or you can opt for continuous drainage by installing a regular garden hose and allowing the condensation to drip into a drain.

With dual speed fans, you can be sensitive to circulating the air and keeping the noise to a minimum by using the lower speed during movies or while sleeping.

This dehumidifier will run you about $200 (with an option two years of added protection when you purchase through Amazon), so what are you waiting for? Order yours now, and rid your home of moistures, dust, and bacteria without disturbing the peace or waking the baby.