Portable Dehumidifier

Most climates suffer from some kind of humidity during the year, whether it be sticky summers or wet winters. But just because you know this doesn’t mean you have to accept it! If you’re sick of condensation on your windows, mold and mildew in your bathrooms, and unbearable conditions while you’re trying to sleep, you may have thought about investing in a dehumidifier. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of options available to you, and it’s hard to know where to start.

Thinking about installing a central, whole-home system to regulate the air in your living space? You’ll pay a high, upfront cost for the unit, and then the cost of hiring a professional to install it into your home. Any maintenance requires a professional to come to your home to check out the product, and it will suck up enough energy to make a serious dent in your utilities bill. The worst part? After all of this, the unit will be a part of the home. If you decide to move, you’ll probably have to leave your expensive friend behind.

Instead of a central dehumidifying system, consider a portable unit if the circumstances are right for you. They are cheaper per unit, require much less energy, and are easy to install – simply buy, unwrap, and plug it in! The best part is that you can put your portable dehumidifier into the rooms that need it most (like bathrooms and bedrooms) or into rooms that are used most frequently (like living rooms and kitchens).

If a portable dehumidifier sounds like the right purchase for you, check out the Frigidaire FAD504DWD Energy Star 50 Pint Dehumidifier. Its SpaceWise design includes a handle and casters for easy mobility, and its ability to pull in up to 50 pints of moisture per day make it a great decision for a home.

With continuous operation capabilities, you can forget about having to empty the water reservoir. Rather, situate your unit near a drain and affix a generic garden hose to the dehumidifier. The condensation will run out of the hose and into a drain, instead of collecting into the basin.

This eco-friendly model consumes less energy than its competitors, and comes with Effortless Humidity Controls that will activate your unit if and only if the ambient humidity levels in the room require it. Use the electronic controls and digital read out to set your ideal conditions, and watch the FAD504DWD rise to the challenge. The dual speed fan has a washable, antibacterial mesh filter, you’ll find that this Frigidaire product will remove dust and allergens from the air to alleviate any sinus and respiratory problems.

For about $250, you can own this portable dehumidifier and rid your home, apartment, or condo of damaging and uncomfortable excess moisture in the air. For about $15, you can even add on two additional years of protection, so that you can rest easy knowing your purchase is covered. The sooner you get yours, the sooner you can transform your home into a relaxing environment.