Gun Safe Dehumidifier

Protect Your Firearms from Rust and Deterioration with a Dehumidifier for your Gun Safe

If you’re looking for a dehumidifier to keep in your gun safe, you’re already on the right track. Gun safes are a necessary precaution to keep your guns securely out of the wrong hands, and adding a dehumidifier is a responsible thing to do to keep your firearms in working order.

Most gun safes can withstand fire and damage, but unfortunately, none can hold up against moisture. If your safe is stored in an air-tight, dark, and damp space like a closet, attic, or crawl space, you may be inviting the growth of mold and mildew. Not only does is this pesky problem unsanitary, it may also ruin your firearms.

Because guns are made of metal, they have a frustrating tendency to rust and corrode. To keep your gun from deteriorating, invest in a small dehumidifier to place in your gun safe. It will increase the lifespan of both your safe and your firearms, and reduce the growth of any dangerous bacteria, as well as decrease the likelihood of malfunctioning.

Check out the Eva-dry Renewable E-333 Wireless Mini Dehumidifier. It is 100% wireless and 100% renewable, with an impressive ten year life span. This tiny gadget functions without any batteries or power to quietly and effectively absorb moisture from your safe. Wondering where the moistures goes?

The E-333 absorbs moisture, and the indicator window will tell you when it’s reached capacity: visible blue crystals will turn pink after absorbing four to six ounces of moisture, which will take between two to four weeks to achieve (depending on the conditions of your safe and the room it’s housed in). When you’re ready to empty the dehumidifier, simply remove the unit from the safe and place it in a dry, well-ventilated area. Plug it in for anywhere between eight and ten hours, and watch the crystals return to the original blue state. Now, it’s empty and ready for use again!

When compared to other dehumidifiers for gun safes, the E-333 is superior. Dehumidifying rods are more costly, generate heat, and have to be mounted properly to function. Desiccant gel packets work much the same as the Eva-dry E-333, but they require recharging in an oven, and can only be reused about four times before needing to be replaced entirely. With the E-333, there are no water tanks to empty, no filters to clean, and no refills to buy. This simple system is reliable, cost effective, and can be repeated for up to ten years with the same device. You’ll even receive an industry-leading five-year warranty if you have any mishaps with your E-333 (but we doubt you will).

One will cost you just $19.15 on Amazon, so consider investing in a dual pack if you’ve got more than one safe or a particularly large space to treat (anything over 333 cubic feet).

Note: They’re also great for protecting delicate clothing in closets, removing moisture and odors from gym bags, and placing in small, poorly ventilated rooms like bathroom and laundry rooms.