Dimplex Dehumidifier

Buying a Dimplex Dehumidifier

 Dimplex is one of the leading brands in electric heating and cooling solutions. They’re known for their reliable and precise products for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. While this company thrives in European countries, North American needs have sky rocketed in recent years, and they’ve opened a production facility in Indiana to meet demand. Take advantage of this increased accessibility, and grab a Dimplex product for your home.

Their motto is “better solutions through innovation,” and we agree – Dimplex products like their stoves, fireplaces, and wall heaters are top of the line, affordable, and good looking. The Dimplex Forte 10 Litre Freestanding Dehumidifier is no exception, and is a great solution for eliminating excessive moisture in your home or office.

This small dehumidifier is best suited for spaces about 18 meters squared (about 200 square feet). Pulling in up to ten liters (21 pints) of moisture per day, this unit will eliminate the condensation from your windows, keep your bathroom towels dry, and help you clear the air when cooking indoors.

It works by drawing moisture through the rear of the unit, condensing the moisture into water, and pushing dry air back out into the room. The water is collected in a 2.1 litre tank (about 4.8 pints), and needs to be emptied when full. But don’t worry about having to check the tank every hour. This Dimplex machine comes with a full tank indicator and an automatic shut off function, so that you’ll know when the tank is full, and it will never overflow. If that seems like a bit of a hassle, you can use the continuous drain option – just hook up a hose to the unit and watch the water drip into a drain. Never have to empty the bucket again.

The humidistat allows you to set the humidity level you desire, and the Dimplex Forte will cycle on and off to maintain the level you set without drying out the air or running when not necessary. The integrated timer will also optimize its use when running in showers or laundry rooms – just set it for a few hours when you start your shower or begin your laundry, and rest easy knowing that the air will be cleared in no time.

This unit is about as stylish as a dehumidifier can be, and it’s small and compact design makes it friendly for any room in your home, include bathrooms and kitchens. You can even use the handles and casters to move this unit around your home for small projects, like drying wall paint while decorating or preventing mold and mildew in areas suffering from leaks or flooding. The dust filter only needs to be cleaned every few weeks (depending on your use), and it’s not a hard task.

If you’re thinking of a Dimplex Dehumidifier, look no further – this unit is a wise choice. It’s guaranteed up to one year, and is worth the investment. Get yours now and transform your soggy rooms into comfortable living spaces.